There is nothing like a good Oriental rug to tie the room together. If there is something that rug enthusiasts know, it is that Oriental rugs are a beautiful centerpiece, but one that is notoriously difficult to maintain. Depending on where it is stationed, there can be a great deal of foot traffic that can dirty the rug and cause wear and tear.

So there are essentially two options for rug owners. Either store the rug to keep it free of any foot traffic and wear and tear, or let it get dirty and ragged but be able to properly clean and maintain it. This is where we come in. We are a collective of rug enthusiasts that have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining rugs. We have the skills and tools needed to repair any rug, and can give you peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to store your rug away. We are also the best movers in Quincy MA.

Our services

We can clean virtually any rug at a low low price. We have the latest in high tech gadgets that are able to clean any rug without damaging it. Steam cleaning and deep cleaning are both options, and between the two, we can get your rug looking like new every time we return it to you. Because we are all rug collectors, we understand how important rugs are to their owners. This is why we pride ourselves on our quality service and guarantee that you will become a valued customer in no time.

As time goes on, rugs get tattered and damaged regardless of their quality. For this reason, we understand that having the best in rug repair is essential to what we do. From sewing to greater repairs, our services are the best in town, and we promise that we will treat your rug just as our own, that we will cherish it and return it to you in working fashion and giving you the best moving Somerville MA.

Our promise

We promise that we will treat your rug with the utmost of care and respect. As stated previously, we understand how important that your rug is and that you may be leery to give it to others. Also understanding that rugs are difficult to clean and repair, our services are something that we pride ourselves on and allow us to build the customer base that we have.

There is nothing like a freshly cleaned and repaired rug, allowing you to show it off with pride and know that if it gets dirty or damaged, that we are always here to help. We are the largest rug cleaning company in the community and love giving back to it. When it comes to rug cleaning, we are the best in the business and would love to prove it to you.

No matter your rug cleaning and repair needs, we are here to help. Don’t store your rug away, display it with pride and know that we have you covered. Become part of a community that is always growing and learning.