Rug Cleaning


There are dirty rugs and there are dirty Oriental rugs. The difference is staggering not only because of the price difference between the two, but also the way in which they are cleaned. Basic rugs can often be taken outside and shaken off, while Oriental rugs require a bit more care and technique with which to clean.

The price associated with cleaning often correlates directly to the equipment used to clean it. And while these prices are often a deterrent to many rug owners, we also understand that it can be done at a lower price. Our prices are the lowest in the industry, simply because we would rather that your rug is clean than that we make a profit.

Rug owners and enthusiasts

What makes us different is that we all own and love rugs. Oriental rugs are different for us than they are for other companies. We understand the inner workings of rug collection and care, and ensure that our services are guaranteed to keep your rugs healthy for as long as you own them. There is a difference between just cleaning a rug and truly caring for it.

Instead of stressing about your rug getting dirty or damaged, know that in order for it to serve its true function, that these things are simply going to happen. Instead of hiding your rug away, display it with pride and know that we have everything you need to make sure it stays pristine and functional for as long as you own it.

Rug cleaning is not as easy as taking a steam cleaner to a rug, but rather requires a sense of pride in what we do and a sense of accomplishment in knowing that we made your rug last longer than it may have if you had chosen a different service.