Rug Repair and Local Moving Experts


Rugs are designed to get dirty and oftentimes get destroyed as they experience a great deal of foot traffic. The problem is often that these rugs are so expensive that people do not find it worth it to display them. They are often bought with the purpose of displaying them, but once owners find out how quickly they get dirtied or damaged, they often store them away or hang them.

We believe that these rugs are meant to serve a purpose, and that we will do everything in our power to make sure that they last a long time. We are all rug collectors and understand the nature of Oriental rugs inside and out. This is what has made us the premier rug cleaning and repair service in the community and why you should trust us with your investment.

The way we do things is different

The difference between us and other companies is the passion that we put into our work. We are not just another rug cleaning company, we are one that understands what it is like to own a rug and what it is like to have to get it cleaned and repaired. Our customers notice this, which is why we have become the company that we are today.

The next time you need your rug repaired, make sure that you see our track record for success and that you understand that we could not have gotten here without knowing what we are doing. Of our customers, we simply ask that you love rugs as much as we do. Even on a tight budget, there are plenty of options you can use to have your rug in working condition day in and day out. There is nothing like a clean rug, and there is no company that understands this better than us.